When is bipartisanship more than hot air?

When the Democrats need the Republicans to get something right

Glen Greenwald notes and lists some of the rightwing opponents of the Plan. He then observes that "Right-wing opposition to the Paulson plan is vital for having any meaningful chance to stop it." What makes this cross-aisle collaboration vital? Greenwald continues:

Does anyone have any confidence at all in the Democrats' willingness and/or ability to impede this bailout train if the Bush administration and the Right were vigorously behind it, warning the nation of impending doom unless we submit to vast, unchecked government power of the type Henry Paulson is demanding? The instances of complete Democratic acquiescence under those circumstances — including when they "controlled" the Congress — are far too numerous to allow any rational person to think Democrats, standing alone, would stop the Paulson plan. As sad as it is, meaningful right-wing opposition is critical for that to happen.

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