Some financial crisis links (9.30.2008)

Stephen Colbert discusses the bailout plan and its failure to make it through the House:

Naked Capitalism looks at the Plan's Congressional prospects after yesterday's (9.29.2008) stunning defeat.

Josh Holland of AlterNet lists and defends the reasons "Why Conservatives Led the Fight Against the Bailout Deal."

Jim Cramer tells us that it "Feels like Financial Terrorism."

Scott Thill of AlterNet asks "Will Wall Street's Meltdown Turn America Into a Police State?"

Pam Martens asks and answers "What Wall Street Hoped to Win."

Chris Floyd argues that

…Monday's rejection of the bailout plan is not a catastrophic political defeat for George W. Bush; he has no political standing, no political future. But it is a vast and humiliating defeat for the Democratic leadership, across the board…

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