Oh, dear… The Dow fell…

It appears investors were unnerved when they learned Congressional Democrats — and some Republicans! — were not wholly sincere when they genuflected over the weekend. Why, Senate Democrats want Uncle Sam to get in on the getting and to soften the blow landed on the nearly bankrupt. They even want to limit the compensation paid to executives of the firms that receive Uncle Sam's help. It is clear these closeted socialists do not understand the market mechanism which grants liberty to us all.


Naked Capitalism published the following quote taken from an email sent by a Congressional staff member.

From the members' meetings that I've been in today, I can tell you that large portions of the rank and file from all across the spectrum really don't like this bill. Leadership is trying to ram it through, and Barney Frank, who's been great all Congress has totally turned into Paulson's lapdog. Very disappointing.

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