McCain aide has a meltdown after the debate

So reports the Washington Independent:

"The Bullet" looked downright angry with Sen. Barack Obama after Friday night's debate. Standing in the Spin Room next to the debate auditorium, McCain strategist Steve Schmidt drew a larger clutch of reporters than other surrogates — a vaunted list that included a former secretary of state, several governors and even "America's mayor" — and unloaded a double barreled attack on a "biased" press and a "shameless" Obama campaign.

"Shame on them," he thundered, striving for the higher ground against the campaign of Hope. "Shame on them!" he repeated, ticking off attacks by the Obama camp that he decried as "absolutely untrue," and blasting Obama as the gutless loser of the first debate. Obama agreed with McCain "11 times," Schmidt said, which revealed a defensive posture.

Although agreeing with McCain on any point is not an insane act per se, doing so is hardly a mark showing excellent judgment. So, Obama ought to rethink those positions on which he agrees with McCain.

That said, I wonder if Schmidt believes Obama ought to alter his opinions just to distinguish himself from McCain? If Schmidt strongly believes that McCain and Obama must have unique positions on the issues, then he should advise McCain to adopt positions which differ from those held by Obama! Or, McCain should copyright his ideas!

Life is simple, is it not? Why make it complicated with phony conflict?

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