The ‘Empire & War Party’ retains control of the Presidency

Henry Kissinger blesses the transition with his Hillary Clinton endorsement

So far, the Obama transition program seems dedicated to securing the President-elect's base of support among the militaristic and elitist factions of the two parties. I believe this point gains credence from Obama's recent defense of Joe Lieberman in the Senate, his selection of Rahm Emanuel to run his White House, his probable selection of Hillary Clinton to be his first Secretary of State and the conspicuous peace he made with Senator John McCain, the Republican whose campaign branded Obama a socialist, terrorist sympathizer, etc. So, the candidate who once staked his claim to the executive office on his opposition to the Iraq invasion and occupation now reveals through his actions that he is in no way opposed to empire and imperial aggression. This outcome may not be a reversal for Barack Obama but his embrace of the right surely undermines Obama's leftwing supporters.

What might Obama's imperial ways mean to sensible folk? To take but one example from the many already available: Publicly floating Hillary Clinton — America's Iron Lady — as his preferred pick to become his first Secretary of State sends another hearty "fuck you" to the Palestinians, as Bill and Kathleen Christison suggest. Clinton, of course, is a longtime supporter of Israel's Apartheid Wall and has been a sturdy supporter of the Bush regime's militarism except for her hypocritical campaign rhetoric. I would suggest that newest Obama-Clinton situation reveals Obama's intrinsic conservatism and his uncoerced affirmation of Washington's status quo. Slum dwellers around the world — globalization's most conspicuous victims — should note well the President-elect's intentions with respect to the Israel-Palestine conflict. They should not expect compassion from Obama's America. Rather, they should expect Washington to implement a more rational approach to imperial governance than that practiced by the departing administration.

If Obama's active hands have so far failed to convince those skeptical of any left critique of the President-elect, then Henry Kissinger's recent endorsement of a Clinton turn at the State Department should suffice. This endorsement, carrying as it does the full weight of Kissinger's crimes, can only enhance Obama's standing among America's power politicians, neocons and militarists.

To put the matter in the bluntest of terms, as Justin Raimondo of AntiWar.com will always do:

In his victory speech, Barack Obama told us: "I will listen to you, especially when we disagree." And, you know what? I believe him. He will listen. That's the one important difference, I think, between the outgoing and incoming administrations: George W. Bush would no sooner listen to ordinary Americans when it comes to the conduct of foreign affairs than he'd consult with Congress — i.e., not at all — whereas Obama… well, at least it's possible, and that is one real big change.

Okay, then, listen up, Mr. President-elect, because I've got a few bones to pick with you.

A Republican in charge of the Pentagon, a pro-torture anti-civil liberties CIA chief, and now Hillary Clinton as secretary of state — is there any principle you've forgotten to sell out?

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