Which candidate will get my vote?

Ralph Nader, of course (see this and this).

I had briefly considered voting for Obama-Biden in order to affirm the antiracism that will be an intrinsic feature of an Obama victory on the fourth. The McCain campaign's sleazy tactics and the appeal they had for the racist element in the country made this otherwise ordinary Democratic duo acceptable to me. And, to be sure, Barack Obama is the lesser evil of the duopoly candidates. I would say that Americans, after enduring the Bush crime wave, surely could stand to have less evil in their lives. It is thus due to Obama's plain superiority over the Republican that I'll cheer loudly when McCain-Palin concedes. Yet, it is because Barack Obama intends to support America's faltering empire, its Wall Street plutocrats, the insurance industry and much else that is defective and corrupt that I cannot judge him as anything but an avoidable political evil for the country. Hope, the keyword of the Obama campaign, would be better served if the country were to take another path. That path begins with Ralph Nader and his agenda.

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