MSNBC denies all

MSNBC replied to recent news coverage devoted to its handling of Olbermann, Mathews and the 2008 Presidential election. MSNBC claims:

  • "Matthews, the host of Hardball, and Olbermann, the host of Countdown, will remain 'front and center' during [the fall election] events, [Phil] Griffin [MSNBC President] said. He said reports by other news organizations had mischaracterized the decision as a demotion of the network's two highest-rated stars."
  • "Griffin disputed that Matthews and Olbermann were reassigned in response to pressure from Republican operatives or conservative commentators. 'They're wrong,' he said."
  • "Griffin said that rather than pull his stars back, he wanted to lift the 'restraint' imposed by their roles as straight news anchors. 'I want them to be totally comfortable,' he said.

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