Some political crisis links (10.19.2008)

The New York Times found serious conflict of interest problems at the Treasury Department. It appears that Secretary Paulson has surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs alumni while also making decisions which have materially affected his one-time employer.

The Times also reports that Barack Obama also raised $150M in September. That mark set a new record for funds raised (see, also, this).

Yet, the good news will quickly end with a McCain defeat next month. Then Obama's prodigious fund-raising effort will merely reinforce the power of money exercises in America's political system.

The Washington Independent believes the next administration will not prosecute members of the preceding administration for the war crimes they committed while holding office. Why would they make the effort when so many of the incoming leadership will be directly or indirectly tainted by the Bush regime's criminal acts.

Political justice in Ohio: McCain's southwest Ohio campaign chairman, Joe Deters, is using his official office (county prosecutor) to investigate voters and suppress votes in Hamilton County, Ohio, according to an AP report. There have been allegations of voter fraud in the region, which is unsurprising since fraud-mongering is a Republican Party campaign strategy, but the investigation seemingly lacks transparency and suggests that Deters is abusing his official position to achieve partisan political objectives.

Michelle Bachman (R-MN), near the end of her anti-liberal, anti-intellectual, anti-Democratic Party and anti-Obama diatribe on Hardball, called for a McCarthy-like media investigation into anti-Americanism (see the article on the incident at the Huffington Post).

Bachman, according to the StarTribune, also wishes to save the fluorescent light bulb from its planned-for extinction! What do "good Americans" get when they send Muslim-Terrorist-Liberal-anti-American-Socialists to Congress? They get 'Commie-Fag-Junkie' Congressmen imposing fluorescent bulbs on them!

Although the Republicans wear their patriotism on their sleeves, some Pinko-Liberal-North Eastern Establishment-Media folk, like Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (see also here), have noticed that: Republican officials are not too fond of the American people.

They fear the wrath of those Americans drawn into political participation by anger at the direction that the GOP has tried to take their country. And they are trying desperately, frantically, to try to prevent that verdict from being delivered.

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