Some crisis links (10.26.2008)

GOP skullduggery in Pennsylvania: As the events unfold (see this, this) it is becoming clear that the Pennsylvanian McCain campaign not only attempted to exploit by enhancing Ashley Todd's self-destructive and political volatile mistake, but that it augmented that debacle by directly linking an Obama victory next month to a future Holocaust!

In yet another revealing and thus self-destructive interview Governor Sarah Palin refused to apply the 'terrorist' label to abortion clinic bombers, according to AlterNet and DailyKos. Video from the relevant interview with Brian Williams:

Palin, it would appear, failed to notice the irony in her position.

Gary Leupp praised the movements of the 1960s — "The '60s were good!" — for their many achievements while also noting that era continues to haunt the American right. The vindictive right expresses its bitterness through the smears it directs towards Obama or, for that matter, the Clintons, three centrist Democrats who pose no threat to Republican hegemony. Leupp's essay may be found at Dissident Voice.

The New York Times reports that American companies are shedding workers in response to the contraction of consumer demand. The official unemployment rate now stands at 6.1%. It is expected to rise in the future.

Political justice in Ohio: Unfortunately, the Bush regime and the Republican Party have not abandoned their efforts to undermine Ohio's democratic institutions. Bush, according to Sherrod Brown (here), the Washington Post (here), Roll Call (here), Consortium News (here and here) asked the Justice Department to see what it can do to force 200,000 newly registered Ohioans to reconfirm their registration. The Bush regime's goal: To disenfranchise voters likely to vote for Democratic candidates.

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