A new whine from bug-eyed Pat

It looks as though the Sotomayor confirmation hearings set off Pat Buchanan:

Republicans have been given fair warning.

Should GOP senators treat Sonia Sotomayor as contemptuously as Democrats treated Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito, they should expect Hispanic hostility for a generation.

The chutzpah of this Beltway crowd does not cease to amaze.

It also appears that bug-eyed Pat believes the Hispanic population of the United States takes orders from his "Beltway crowd" or that his Beltway crowd includes the Hispanic population of the United States. I say this because he links the two categories, ambiguously, I would add, in the passage quoted above. Rational people may safely doubt the truth of this one.

It also seems that Buchanan, a Washington dead-ender if such a person exists, does not belong to the Beltway crowd or at least he does not belong to this Beltway crowd, although he may belong to another Beltway crowd (the Washington faction of the Irish-Catholic KKK wannabes?). What is clear is bug-eyed Pat's logical inconsistency in this matter does not bother him any more than his hypocrisy does. Thus, he continues:

They [Buchanan's Beltway insiders] archly demand that conservatives accord a self-described "affirmative action baby" from Princeton a respect they never for a moment accorded a pro-life conservative mother of five from Idaho State, Sarah Palin.

First, does Buchanan wish his readers to infer that he believes it proper to heap abuse on Judge Sotomayor? Why, after all, does he associate the opportunities Judge Sotomayor received — and acknowledges receiving (on which, see this) — from affirmative action with what he believes to be a questionable demand for respect. If Sotomayor's career indicates anything pertinent about affirmative action, it provides a bit of evidence demonstrating the need to use affirmative action programs as a mechanism of rectifacatory justice.

Anyway, the difference between the respect offered to Sotomayor and Palin might be attributable to the fact that Judge Sotomayor has excelled in her life's work while ex-Governor Palin recently entered the national political stage as a McCain peace offering to the reactionary right and then quickly became America's poster girl for the Babbitts and Gantrys among us. In fact, Palin's witlessness was only one of her qualifications for national office. Another qualification issued from the attacks made on her from those sitting to her left (as suggested by this). Saint Sarah — victim. To be sure, bug-eyed Pat would never let injustice such as this stand without comment. As a part of his fearless and ongoing work intended to promote equality of opportunity for all of God's children in America, Buchanan offers the following counsel to the Republican Party:

What they must do is expose Sotomayor, as they did not in the case of [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg, as a political activist whose career bespeaks a lifelong resolve to discriminate against white males to the degree necessary to bring about an equality of rewards in society.

Senate Republicans tried to do just this; they have failed so far. I wonder why?

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