Dr. Dean’s snake oil

The issue: Obama's proposed health care program

The agent: Dr. Howard Dean

The goal: To convince the gullible and uninformed that Obama's health care plan provides a publicly funded, single-payer option

Yet, according to Single Payer Action:
Dr. David Himmelstein says Dr. Howard Dean is lying about the Obama health care proposal.
Himmelstein continues:
"He knows that the public option plan is not single payer and he says it is to try and confuse people," Himmelstein said. "He goes on Democracy Now and other shows and says that people can buy into Medicare when he knows that what is in the plan is not that."
"Medicare doesn't have to compete," Himmelstein said. "That's why it's so efficient."
The Obama proposal is not a single payer plan because participants will need to have additional insurance to cover their medical costs.
Howard Dean's Democracy Now interview can be viewed here:

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