Bill Kristol thinks we’re all stupid

Kristol recently lamented the manner in which the elite treated Sarah Palin since she emerged as a national figure. Now that Palin has walked off the Governor's job, she will:
…be able to make the case effectively that she should be the nominee [for President of the United States], or she won't.
The odds are that she won't — just as the odds at this point are against any one of the GOP candidates. It's a wide-open race. And Palin may not even run. But the panic among mainstream media commentators and the GOP establishment suggests real worry that if she does, she might pull off an upset. Why else the vehement assertions that she's clearly made a terrible mistake? Why else the categorical insistence that her political career is finished? Aren't they all protesting too much?
In other words, "the GOP establishment" and "the mainstream media commentators" have put aside their considerable differences, which usually generate useless conflict and hot air, to oppose Saint Sarah's quest for world domination. Kristol wonders why she has drawn opposition this strong when she compares so favorably to George W. Bush who lacked this kind of opposition as he began his run for the presidency! Sexism, perhaps….

It is to be expected, however, that Kristol would not follow this comparison to the end, as he did not do. After all, Americans, along with the rest of the world, now know the mischief a simpleton armed with barbaric ideology can make when he or she has the power and force of the American state at his or her command. They may have learned that the country and the species cannot pay the bills which are the unavoidable consequences of presidencies like those of Reagan and the Bushes. They may well suspect and even anticipate that sending Palin to the White House would amount to putting another painted clown in the "big chair." Why regress to another Reagan or Bush regime? Why would they want this when multiple disasters loom? Especially when these disasters are covered with Republican fingerprints?

To be sure, Kristol's fingerprints are on a few of these disasters, a fact that might explain his defense of Sarah Palin.

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