Social Darwinism in action

The Washington Post reports that:
Congress is poised for another partisan showdown over extending unemployment insurance, as concerns about the growing budget deficit have complicated the path forward for an otherwise popular program.
On its first day back in session following a two-week recess, the Senate is scheduled to vote Monday on whether to end debate on a measure extending jobless benefits, subsidies for the COBRA health insurance program and federal flood insurance through May 5. Democrats will need at least one Republican supporter to get the 60 votes necessary to proceed.
Why would the Republicans take this path?
Republicans respond [to criticism] that they're not opposed to extending unemployment benefits but want to offset the $9 billion cost with spending cuts elsewhere.
"We both want to extend unemployment benefits," said Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), the GOP's No. 3 leader. "The Democrats want to do it by adding to the debt. Republicans don't want to add to the debt."
I suppose the Republicans would refuse to support a modest increase in the effective tax rate to offset this spending increase…. But why would they annoy their patrons and social peers when they can abuse the unfortunate mass which cannot defend itself against this kind of attack?

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