One hand gives, the other takes away

Michael Perelman identifies here what must be considered an instance of political Darwinism in the Obama and Bush crisis management efforts:

During the Vietnam War, a U.S. soldier seems to have anticipated the spirit of the current economic policy, explaining: "we had to destroy the village in order to save it." The difference today is that while the government destroys villages of the working classes, it is devoting enormous [sic] to improve the castles of the rich.

Anyone can see the care and feeding of bankers and financiers, while treating much of the rest of the economy with an iron fist.

The problem is compounded because alongside the federal stimulus, funding for state and local government is falling off the cliff, in effect, neutralizing much of the stimulus. This contradiction in economic policy is nothing new.

These policies would be politically Darwinistic since the hand which effects the destruction of the misfits can be easily seen by anyone who cares to look.

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