Let’s vote out the SOBs

We could do that, but such resistance today seems futile, according to Maureen Tkacik, of the New York Observer. She wrote:

"If you want to get some traffic on this one [the White House hiring Daley and Sperling]," a former senior House aide told The Observer, "make your angle 'Obama's Fixers to End the New Deal.' They are going to dismantle Social Security. I guarantee it. And he won't suffer any push-back. But Obama is the extremist here; he is the wing nut. There's been a total collapse of political power on the left. The left is not even at the table, and they don't even realize it. You can't blame the voters. In 2006 they voted out the party of endless war and corporate bailouts. In 2008 they voted out the party of endless war and corporate bailouts. And in 2010 they voted out the party of endless war and corporate bailouts."
Well, I am certain that some on the left are aware of their lack of political power. And for this situation the left in general cannot criticize the voters who voted for a national alternative that did not exist but for the 2008 Nader candidacy. Barack Obama may have fooled some Democrats or, perhaps, enabled them to fool themselves. But that was then. As of this moment, who but a political innocent, a yellow dog Democrat or a committed neoliberal would vote for him? No one would except for those savvy individuals who consider voting for the "lesser evil" Democrat to be an iron rule of political life.

Building large and well-organized social movements provides a path that can break the power of the legacy party duopoly, an outcome that would create political options for a left that effectively has none. This is the path principled leftist must take if they wish to become effective.

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missling said...

Hi Stephen,

I consider myself a principled leftist. I speak my mind, sometimes perhaps without sufficiently mincing and mangling content and words.

The place we frequent, affords contact with like minded travelers, whose numbers seem few.

I questioned the disappearance of an important post, apparently by the managements hand.

I left two quick posts at the site of which, now, only one remains.

FDL is a honey trap for leftists, thereof I have little doubt.

The post which disappeared is linked to below. Perhaps one line of comment was too suggestive, perhaps it was the title itself.

I value your viewpoint, hence the request for your opinion.



Stephen Zielinski said...

I see no reason for removing Jefferson in Tunis. I found it undisturbing and cannot see why anyone else but those politically opposed to Tunisian democratization.