Obama’s reckoning about healthcare reform

About which Jane Hamsher writes:

The White House is making the calculation that the hit they suffer when they drop the public plan is only with the "far left," that they can survive that and actually use it to their advantage by triangulating against "the blogs."

And if wishes were kisses! Hamsher has her doubts about this gabit, and continues by offering this conjecture:

It's just a guess, but when average Americans understand that "health care reform" means they will be forced to pay Blue Cross more money than they do now for worse insurance or be fined 2.5% of their income, I have a feeling it's not just going to be a couple of radical lefties who are pissed off about what amounts to an increase in middle class taxes. Unfortunately, since all the liberal interest groups ceded the bank bailout debate to the teabaggers and there was no pushback against the White House's decision to coddle AIG, the right owns that particular real estate and will be well poised to make the most of it.

What if the fraction of the electorate that wants healthcare reform losses faith in the Democratic Party, will they then turn to the Republicans? Throwing out one collection of bastards in order to elect their viler siblings makes not a bit of sense. How will this silent majority react to their lesson? The lesson, of course, is this: They have been misled by America's political elite for over forty years. Healthcare is just the least of it.

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