More incredible people protest a good thing

Astroturf nation responds to another threat

The New York Times reports that:

Hard on the heels of the health care protests, another citizen movement seems to have sprung up, this one to oppose Washington's attempts to tackle climate change. But behind the scenes, an industry with much at stake — Big Oil — is pulling the strings.

Hundreds of people packed a downtown theater here on Tuesday for a lunchtime rally that was as much a celebration of oil's traditional role in the Texas way of life as it was a political protest against Washington's energy policies, which many here fear will raise energy prices.

"Something we hold dear is in danger, and that's our future," said Bill Bailey, a rodeo announcer and local celebrity, who was the master of ceremonies at the hourlong rally.

The Times did not provide Bailey's opinion on what the future would hold for the world if a mega-polluter like the United States were to fail to significantly reduce its green house gas emissions.

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